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Echoline Pedals

Germanium Drive

This pedal is a modern classic. Gorgeous drive sounds while preserving note clarity and definition

Guitar & Bass 9/10Soaring overdrive to harmonically rich distortion utilising the original NYC 4 gain-stage design, fully re-engineered, and with germanium components for extra warmth and valve like character.

The Germanium Drive is fully screened, uses a beautiful sounding impedance matching Class A bypass buffer (with RFI / EMI suppressing components), pop-free switching, and is fully hand wired in England using the best components available.


  • Volume, Tone and Gain controls
  • Full size potentiometers
  • Heavy duty footswitch and jack sockets
  • Military grade components and wiring
  • Original Blue pilot light
  • Standard 9vDC (centre negative) power input socket for power supply (not included)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full instructions / info with each pedal

Currently unavailable, please email for details

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All our products are thoroughly tested and re-tested to ensure maximum reliability and exceptional build quality. Only once they have passed will they receive our custom guarantee seals. Removal or damage of these seals will void your 3 year warranty* and expose your pedal to the harmful elements, so please leave them alone and contact us directly for support or repairs at: sales@echolinepedals.com

*3 Year Warranty covers any fault or failure of parts which are used in the original manufacturing process. This does not include general wear, misuse or accidental damage to your pedal. That said, we always look after our customers in the best way we can, regardless of the situation. Warranty is non-transferable.